Reach More People, Triple (or even Quadruple) Your Audience & Win More Souls, Impact Lives Globally, Online! 

We Help Churches/Ministries Use “Modern Digital Strategies" To Reach More People, Get MORE New Members, Rapidly Grow Your Audience, Win More Souls, Attract  More "Vision-Helpers", and Impact More Lives Globally, Online!

Who Are We?

We're iMinistry!

iMinistry is a place where more than 75,000 pastors and church leaders come to get 'new age"  growth strategies for their churches ....We use our proprietary ONLINE strategies, techniques, tools and systems to help churches REACH MORE PEOPLE, EXPAND THEIR AUDIENCE, INFLUENCE & Rapidly Grow while Impacting lives, globally!

What Our Users Are Saying:

We had spent alot of money on radio and TV but wanted more. Then, a friend mentioned Iministry to us, we approached them and they completely blew our mind away. We had to send our team to crowd management programs to keep up with the inflow of multitude of people,ofcourse,donations/seeds went up.

Rev. Bawo Otone 

God used the Iministry team to bring a 20year old vision to come to fulfillment. Now, our church is heard in more than 8 countries, and people tune in to our services from around the world. Thank you,guys!

Bishop B. Odeleke

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