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The Surprising 7 Step Process That Grew A Small Church From 56 Members to 389 Passionate,Supportive Members in 14Months (and How You Can Do The Same or even better)

Dearly beloved,

You are a CHAMPION!

I’m extremely proud of you today.

First and foremost, I want to  tell you how small church of 56 rapidly grew to 389 in a short time of 14 months.

Yes, from 56 members to 389 members in only 14months.

Well, before we go further, let me first congratulate you for registering for this live training.

It’s going to be exceedingly loaded.

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Anyway, lets get back the sweet story I know you want to hear.

I know that you are passionate about the work  God has committed to your hand, and you want to win as many souls as possible.

You would love to have a successful ministry.

You want to change lives, and transform destinies.

How do I know?

Because you are here.

You want to grow your church/ministry, you want more people to hear your message and eventually join you but the challenges are that…

Your church/ministry is NOT growing as much as you want it.

Even when people come,sometimes they never return back.

Your offering is declining every Sunday.

You have a good message and calling but how do you get it to more people?

How do you even get 'vision helpers' to partner you?

How do you standout from others?

And many other questions are constantly on your mind.

I get it.

My name is Johnson Emmanuel, I’m the founder of iMinistry.

In the last 8years, we have partnered over 500 churches/ministries globally to reach over 58 million people, sell thousands of their products, and attracted 'wealthy' partners to invest a lot of money into their ministries and churches.

My mission is simple: To help pastors and church leaders take the message God has given to them to millions of people around the world.

Let me tell you about a church we recently partnered, and how a struggling small church went from stagnant 56 members to 389 in 14 months.

They  practically grew from 1 lukewarm, uninspiring service to 3 amazing,life-changing and impeachable 4 services ,every Sunday.

Guess what?

They are growing every single Sunday.

The pastor is incredibly happy because their growth is reflecting in the upward surge in the sales of their products  and revenue.

He even confided in me that with the way they're growing, they may need to start talking to people to look for bigger property for them because they'll definitely hit 1,000+ in the next 4months.

It wasn't always great like this for this pastor.

He has a great message, prayed fervently and he was doing everything he was taught in bible school and even in ministers’ conferences.

Yet, he wasn’t getting the type of result he wanted.

He would get some members today,members who were not supportive of his vision.

Do you know how frustrating it is to have members who are not supportive?

Don't even wish that for your enemy.

Those members will come today,and you're not sure if they'll come tomorrow.

Members who will hardly buy his products (books,tapes,etc) let alone support financially.

Have you ever doubted your calling?

This man of God did,multiple times.

So, he decided to change strategy and launched a massive evangelism program in his church.

The problem with that was that they couldn’t reach people who live in high-brown areas.

Think about it this way…

If you live in a city like Lagos, you can't go and knock on the gate of people who live in high brown areas like VGC,Lekki, Ikeja, Festac, or Banana Island.

That’s the problem with one on one evangelism.

It has limitations especially in a world where people don't allow strangers into their homes.

Anyway, this pastor managed to get some people in but he couldn’t retain them.

He noticed that the more they went out, the more they were losing members.

So, if they get in 3 new members this Sunday, they may lose 4 members.

You and I know that NO church can grow that way.

One of the major problems of churches today is getting people to come in, and also retaining them because if you can’t retain them, you cant grow.

So, this pastor had fasted,prayed,done a lot of vigils and evangelism programs but isn't that what other churches (and ministries) do?

So, how do you standout if you do exactly what others do, and the way they do it?

So, one day he decided to go see a ‘senior man of God’ who has a big church.

When he got there, he only got some ‘generic’ advice, nothing really deep.

I want to whisper something into your ears now, come closer.

Listen carefully…

Nobdody will easily give out his secrets,not even a ‘senior man of God’.

What they’ll probably tell you are ALREADY things you know, and that is if you’ll ever get audience because most of these ‘senior’ men of God are extremely busy.

Anyway,It was at this point of frustration and desperation that this pastor  started 'looking inwards' and reached out to us.

We saw the hunger in him.

Can I tell you the truth?

Can you handle it?

Listen carefully…

Jesus said he gave us ‘KEYS’.

Not just one key but KEYS.

When it comes to growing your church, you need keys but you also need one 'special' key.

 Prayer is one key, fasting is another key,having a good message is a key but there’s a key which most gospel preachers don’t know exist, let alone how to use it.


The NEW Church Growth Rule.

How A Small Church Used The Internet To Grow From 56 Members To 389 Passionate,Supportive Members in 14Months Without One-on-One Evangelism

Thank God for TV,Radio and newspapers but if you want to rapidly grow your church in this new age, you need to be doing new things.

Why would you want to reach 100 people, when you can reach 5,000, 20,000 at once,from the comfort of your home or office?

I’m going to give you our complete 7 STEP GROWTH SYSTEMS which we have been using to partner churches/ministries to rapid growth, and the best part?

I know you are busy, so I had to take the pain and time to make it an audio program so you can listen to you anywhere you are.

And you can get it right now.

Some of the things you'll discover ...

  • The Exact 7 steps process this small church used to grow from 56 to 389 members ( Hint: Step #4 is incredibly easy but extremely effective,it is my favorite)
  • The NEW way to reach first time visitors faster than ever,No matter where they live in your city or anywhere in the world WITHOUT you going out to meet them.
  • How spending just $68 brought  35 first time members (and how the church retained and converted 24 of them as members within 20days)
  • How one Nigerian pastor sold 100 million naira worth of his products, and currently exploding the growth of his church WITHOUT f'ace to face' evangelism.
  • How To Standout  and be unique  in this NEW WORLD so that people will like trust and follow you and even become loyal to you.
  • Why the OLD skool evangelism system is dying ( and what you need to do instantly and constantly to be on top

This is just a tip of the iceberg.

I 100% guarantee that when you get this audio program, your mindset about church growth will completely change, and you'll begin to see church growth from a brand new perspective.

I'm absolutely sure this is going to change the game for you, and I'm ready to put my money where my mouth is (more on that shortly).

So, how much would you be willing to pay for a program that will help you add additional 100,200,500 or even 2,000 new members? 

Not just 'any' members but the ones that will run very fast with your vision.

Then, you are able to get back on track, fully confident, knowing that you'll get new members coming in their hundreds every service day.

What would you do to get such program?

A known pastor recently spent $5,000 to buy a church growth material recently, and he says, he would do it again and again.

I'm not going to ask you to pay $5,000, that will be crazy.

NOT even N100,000 ( $300).

See, even if i say you should pay N100,000 ( $300), it will be worth it 100 times but I wont ask you.

However, all you need to pay is N5,200  ($16) ONLY.

Yes, just that, and you'll get exclusive access to the program RIGHT NOW.

And here's the thing...

If you get this audio program, implement what I show you, and if you don't get atleast 30% in membership and income in the next 60days, reach out to me, I'll 100% refund you, and even compensate you.

That's how confident I am about this program.

Special  FREE '$500' Value Bonus

When you get this program, you'll also have the opportunity of speaking DIRECTLY with one of our church growth strategists.

They will speak with you (the founder of the church/ministry) and show you how to implement these 7 steps system in your church.

Usually, we charge $500 for this type of service but we're giving you as a bonus for investing in this program.

It's our way showing you that we are solidly behind you and want to sell you explode.

So,Why I'm I giving this program for just N5,200 ($16)?

First, and foremost, I'm passionate about the gospel.

I'm incredibly passionate about this message of Jesus reaching people worldwide but the only challenge is that I'm a very busy person.

So, the way i can do evangelism is by creating programs like this because if you win souls using this program,heaven will also crown me.

So, you win, I win and even God wins.

Secondly, this is my first 'handsake'.

I'm giving you massive value upfront with the hope that you will get alot of value, and who knows we might partner in future.

As a matter of fact, we've seen alot of pastors and church leaders reach out to us for possible partnership by doing this.

However, there's a...

Bad News!

No, don't scream 'i reject it yet', hear me out.

This page will be DELETED without notice.

I CANNOT guarantee that you will ever be able to get this program if you don't act right now.

So, NOW is the time to act.

Once you place your order, one of our team members will reach out to you immediately.

However, you need to ACT RIGHT NOW.

And don't forget, if for any strange reasons,after implementing what you'll learn and you don't see atleast a 30% growth in the next 4months, reach out to us for FULL 100% REFUND and compensation.

That's how confident we're.