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We DON'T just build highly converting church websites for ministries that want to grow, we ACTUALLY help pastors Reach More Souls, Get More "First timers", Expand Their Audience & Rapidly Grow Globally using customize digital media strategies, tool & process.

 Hello there! 

It's so good to have you here.

 My name is Sammy,I'm the CEO of iMinisty.

Dear Pastor/Church Leader,

You have a great message, and God has called you into something BIG, and you know it,deep down.

The problem is that you're not reaching as much people as you need to reach, or, you're actually reaching some few people but you know you can reach even much more.

You know have the message, you have the vision but you need the people.

You don't just want to be some "local champion", you want to play at the regional, national or global level.

If that is you, welcome to iMinistry!

When it comes to church growth in 2023 everything has changed.

Back in the days, 'one on one' evangelism was enough to get people but today, there's a HUGE SHIFT.

The pastors who take advantage of this shift are going to remain relevant in a long time.

Come to think of it, during the corona crisis, the church build allover the world were shut down, who would have thought that a time like that will ever happened but it did.

The new church is 'the virtual" church, i mean, the digitized church.

The church that is present allover the world.

Listen to how Pastor Carey puts it;

"Churches that shift to a mindset that the pulpit is not just live but is also digital, will reach more people and experience growth over the next decade."


CAREY NIEUWHOF //  Founding Pastor, Connexus Church

Wait a minute...

Take a look at this image!

house on the rock

That's 562 LIVE worshipers from around the globe.

What about this?

prophet angel church

That's 2,695 live worshipers.

It even gets better...

Pastor Alph Lukau

imagine having 4,292 worshipers.

And if you think that figure isn't impressive, what about this...

pastor Chris live

15,197 LIVE worshipers.

Yet, all these are just a tip of what we can do with churches we partner with.

Having a church website is great but that isn't going to solve all the problem.

Imagine buying a plot of land without building, choirs, gospel songs,chairs, and other things to make your time with the Lord remarkable.

That is exactly what it is when you have "just a church website".

We don't own a church or ministry because that isn't what we are called to do.

We are called to help remarkable churches and ministries reach and attract more members weather within their city,country or globally.

If you want more seat filled in your church/ministry, we can help with that.

If you want them to join your digital channels, we can do that but if you are like most people with partner with, they want both.

If you are incredibly passionate about the message God has given you, and you want it to reach more people in no time, that's where we come in.

Let me shock you, the most popular pastor or minister you have heard isn't popular because his message is better than yours.

Have you ever seen a minister with "below average" message but with massive following?

You might even be asking yourself "what is this fellow preaching that he has the cult-like following?".

I'll give you a tip.

One of the major reasons is because he was able to establish himself as an authority.


Well, back in the days, it was being on almost all the BIG TV channels & Radio stations simultaneously.

That is how they got that fame, authority but let's be honest, it will cost you probably millions of dollars on to be on the major TV and radio channels.

It does't have to.

We will help you develop & execute customized digital strategies,techniques and assets to get your message to the world.

All over the world, church attendance is declining, church offerings,donations and gifts are not spared either, TV stations are way more expensive than ever before.

Handbills and posters are not as effective as they use to be, sales of church product has dropped greatly.

Alot of churches are stagnant even though the pastors have great messages.

At some point, the pastor and church leader begins to question his calling because he's not getting the type of exceptional results he expects.

That's what we fix at Iministry...

 We Help YOU Grow Their Audience, Reach & Attract New Visitors, Establish Their Fame & Authority, Exponentially Increase Donations/Seeds, Touch And Impact More Lives Using Today's New Digital Assets,Tools and Strategies.

We've been blessed to have partnered with  some of the biggest churches/ministries in the world.

Our results are stunning for churches but we don't just partner anyone.

We're picky.


We want to partner only remarkable pastors and church leaders who truly have a great message and really want to reach not only their city or country but the entire globe...

If you think you're such a pastor or church leader that we should consider partnership with, click the link below to book a valuable but FREE meeting with one of our Church Growth Strategist to stand a chance to get a FREE Church Growth Blueprint Session, $997 Value.

Here what a few of our partners say

We had spent alot of money on radio and TV but didn't get commensurate result. Then, a friend mentioned Iministry to us, we approached them and they completely blew our mind away. We struggle to manage crowd these days, our donation has skyrocketed and sales of our product is at all time high. Wow!

Rev. Bawo Otone 

God used the Iministry team to bring a 20year old vision to come to fulfillment. Now, our church is heard in more than 8 countries, and people tune in to our services from around the world. Thank you,guys!

Bishop B. Odeleke

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