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Grab A FREE Customized Digital Church Growth Blueprint,Specifically For Your Church/Ministry!

We've Partnered With The Fastest Growing to Mega Ministries and Churches

Dear Pastor/Church Leader,

My name is Sammy Adedemola, I'm the COE of iMinistry.

You see, no matter how great your messages are, if it doesn’t get to more people, if it doesn’t impact more lives, it doesn’t matter.

Unfortunately, the world has changed.

Certainly, the old strategies we use to spread the goodnews and reach people have also changed because the world is going through the biggest shift in communication in more than 500 years.

It’s great to have a website (and some skeletal social media/online presence), and it is even worse not to have any at all.

However, ‘just’ a website and some social media presence here and there will NOT help you reach your goal.

You’re busy with the gospel, you want people who will support you to take that gospel to more people around your city, country and even globally.

We have partnered with some of the (fastest growing, and) biggest churches and ministries in the world to spread the goodness using proven digital strategies, concepts, principles and channels.

For example, we partnered a fast growing church and within 3weeks of that partnership, they got 80 first time visitors.

Their growth was so rapid that the senior pastor is opening up more satellite campuses.

Another time, we partnered with a ministry that wanted to get their message out, within 3months of all the partnership, all the empty seats were filled, and they even had to buy additional seats, grew donations by more than 120%, and eventually had to run multiple services.

We have also partnered with churches and ministries who wanted more visitors to attend their annual programs, and guess what?

In most cases, the ushers ran into problems trying to get seats for the people.

Beloved, God has given us an opportunity to spread the gospel to people. An opportunity to reach them even in their bedroom but unfortunately, a lot of ministers of the gospels are not utilizing these priceless digital assets, and the ones who are using them are either doing it wrongly or barely scratching the surface.

Please, listen carefully…

If you are hungry to reach MORE FIRST-TIME VISITORSget more members,impact more lives and get more partners, we can help….

We'll start by helping you develop what we call customized “Digital Church Growth Blueprint”.

It's going to take us 30-40 minutes, and it's 100% FREE.

You’ll have us develop a customized blueprint for your church growth via digital strategies.

We start by knowing where you are currently, where you want to go, and we will then deliver a “road map” of action, and again it's 100% FREE!

Everything we will do is going to be specific to you because your ministry is unique, your call is unique, your story is unique, so everything you’ll get will be unique, and it’s going to take us 30-40 minutes to do this together.

We’ll do it over the internet (if we’re not in the same city) or we’ll do it in your church. It really doesn’t matter where we do it.

Once we deliver this customized digital church growth blueprint, two things will happen;

1: You’ll love it very much and you would want to immediately implement It with your team, or...

2: You would love it and would seek our partnership to help you execute it.

If that's the case, you are IN for a massive growth because...

Every single church we have partnered got massive result.

If we both agree to partner, we'll immediately deploy "The Internet Omnipresence Ministry Mechanism" and 'Social Church Blueprint" to help you reach your goal,quickly,

These are our inhouse proprietary systems we developed, it took us over 7years to develop and perfect these systems.

And they are responsible for the harvest of souls pastors and ministers who have partnered with us witness.

One time, a pastor was so frustrated with his growth, he told us that thoughts of abandoning the ministry crossed his heart several times.

However, when God brought us together, everything changed.

Listen, there are so many pastors who are not as popular as some BIG,famous pastors. Alot of these "unknown" pastors have great message, and God is even using them greatly but they are not known.


It’s the channels, medium or platform they use to spread the gospel.

Anyway, if we both agree to partner, you can be assured that your  ministry will never ever remain the same.

We don’t do what we do for money, we do it because we love Jesus, and want His gospel to be allover the world.

However, this isn’t for everybody, we are picky because we partner with only a few churches/ministries because we want to give all our partners maximum attention and help them make maximum impact.

You’ll need to believe in your message/calling, you need to be ready for growth & impact, you’ll need to be ready, willing and able to invest as well.

If that is you, click the link below to leave an application, it takes just 3 minutes.

Sadly, due to the number of partnership request we get, we can only attend to people based on first come first serve.

Unfortunately, we have only limited spaces, it is impossible to help everyone who applies.

IF we have reached our maximum capacity, we may NOT be able to receive more requests

The best thing to do right now is to click the link above.