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Get Customized, Highly-Profitable, Fully Automated end-to-end Customer Acquisition and Retention Systems Guaranteed To 3x (or even 5x) Your Sales & Profits In 60days, OR, you DON'T Pay, plus, you get $1,500 Extra For Your Time.

Customers served! 100 Copies Of Book Sold.
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Customers served! $ 100 + Generated For Clients.

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At Scalers Engine, We Use Our M5 Proprietary System  to Build A Highly-Profitable, Completely Automated & Customized Clients Acquisition & Retention Systems Within The Next 72hours. It's Guaranteed To Dramatically Boost Your Sales & Profit Within 60days, or, you DON'T pay, Plus, You Get an EXTRA $1,500 For Your Time.

Delivering Exceptional Results, Transforming Lives, & Scaling Businesses! 

I wholeheartedly trust Johnson Emmanuel and his team when it comes to profitable client acquisition & retention. This dude knows how to make crazy money for businesses and they do it with lightening speed which to me is insane!

John L Dumas

Founder, EOFire.

Johnson brought a wealth of resources that benefited the company. In a few weeks, we were able to double revenue and created a lasting infrastructure for sustainable growth. It’s an absolute pleasure working with Johnson.

Gary Batara

VP, Marketing @ Garten.

Johnson is a marketer who ACTUALLY does marketing. One of the few marketing guys who  understands the most important metrics that sustains any business-Revenue and profit. He's an amazing guy with a great heart.

Darrell Evans

Darrell Evans

CEO Yokellocal

 Client Acquisition & Retention Systems

How We Boost revenue, profit & scale  your business;


360° Alignment For Rapid Revenue Growth.

We use our custom framework to comprehensively analyze your entire business - existing offers, customers, sales, and everything in between - to understand where you currently stand AND where you want to be.


Get Custom Scalers Blueprint to boost your revenue.

Based on #1 above, we'll deliver a custom Scalers Blueprint. The most effective revenue growth & business scaling roadmap, uniquely built for YOUR specific business. Our clients believe it is worth $100k+ to their business.


We Craft Your Magnetic Offers.

Based on step 1 & 2,we'll transform your offers to what we call Magnetic Offers. Offers so strong that your customers will feel stupid not buying. One of our clients went from $116k/year to $3.1m+/year within 19months because of this.


Ramp up Your Client Acquisition & Retention.

Time to make the cash register ring endlessly! Based on 1-3 above, We identify your best-paying clients, those that pay the highest & stick the longest. Then, In 42-72 hours, your (customized) client acquisition & retention system will not only be live, it'll start even start bring in sales the same week. We move with lightening speed, and we guarantee results.

WHY Our Clients Prefer Us!

Bigger, Better Results In Less Time, and Zero Risk.

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Full Time Employee

Marketing Agency

Coaching Program 

Time until Launch

48 Hours

4 - 8 Weeks

2 - 4 Weeks

4 - 8 Weeks

Time until Result

In most cases, 14 days

4 - 6 Months

3 - 5 Months 

3 - 5 Months

1:1, 24/7 Support


Customized Solution


Access To Likeminds


Failure Rate





360° Business Sync


Money Back Guarantee


Listen To Some Of Our Best Clients

Gbenga O

Agency owner

I’ve never failed to implement any marketing strategies from you. Always packed with insights. I’m glad to report that we closed the year with $1.4m, cash in the bank. It’s our highest ever. God bless you!

Andy Mukolo

Co-founder, nairaload

This shouldn’t come to you as a surprise but It has to be said. I used one of the ideas you revealed to make 10fold my investment. It’s money well spent.

Rushang Chauhan

Software Technologistger

Hi Johnson , it's official! We finally have a 6-figure month. $113k month. Dude, you just helped me restore back my confidence. Thanks for your help.

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