Dear Pastor/Church leader,

Congratulations. You’ve just done something that puts you miles of other other pastors and church leaders.

Because you’ve registered for this powerful online event that'll introduce you to the most powerful church and ministry growth strategies on the planet, to help you get more people coming and even getting them to be established with you.

And I’m so confident that YOU can start using this strategies… I’d like to give you $1,000 to prove me WRONG (but more on that $1,000 shortly),first..

My name’s Johnson Emmanuel. I'm the founder of,iMinistry.

I know you are here because you are extremely passionate about the kingdom of God, and you really want to see souls saved.

But for those souls to be saved, they need to be reached, and converted to a Bible believing church or ministry like yours.


That's exactly what we do at iMinistry, and we've been doing this for more than 9years...

Helping Churches and Ministries ATTRACT 40-550+  First Time Visitors,Getting 88% Established as Members,and Attracting 'Vision Helpers' who'll not only support financially, but also passionate about Your Vision.

We've partnered more than 500 churches of all sizes,large and small, to reach over 10 million souls in the last 9years.

I'm very passionate about the kingdom of God, and making disciples,which is one of the cardinal things Jesus asked us to do.

Have you ever met any famous pastor, and ask him his secret of explosive growth?

I bet, he would not tell you.

He may want to massage your ego, and just say 'fast,pray and do evangelism' but you and i know that isn't his 'secret'.

Well, would you blame him?

most successful global pastors,church leaders and gospel preachers hardly share their 'secrets'.

You'd be lucky to even get a 'surface' advice.

Ok, 'Johnson'..

'How do we reach more souls, and even convert them into members ( and not just 'one time visitors?)'

'The old method of evangelism is no longer effective,what do we do?'

'We've spent alot on newspaper,TV and Radio but we're not getting commensurate results, any other hope?'

'How do we sell more of our products around the world?

'How do we standout from 'other' churches and ministries?'

'How do we get more volunteers who are incredibly passionate about our vision?'

'How do we attract 'vision helpers' who will support us financially, and also run with our vision?'

You see,in the last nine years, these are some of the kind of questions i've been asked each time i go to pastors' conferences or even talk to ministers of the gospel?

Can  you relate?

I totally understand, and that's why God crossed our path today.

Our system, and methods are insanely powerful, and can change everything for you,almost immediately.

It's so effective that one time, a renowned pastor once told me that we should 'sell' the right to our system to him because he didn't want another church to get hold of it.

Ofcourse, I refused.

This pastor is very rich, and would afford any price i name but money isn't what drive me.

Look, we are experiencing the biggest shift in communication for more than 500 years in human history, and our entire systems are built around these 'shifts'

Let me repeat,our system, and methods are insanely powerful, and can change everything for you,almost immediately.

Sound like a BIG joke?

Ok, I'm going to give you $1,000 (worth of our time) to prove it to you.

Here’s how It works.

First, we will get a phone call with you, we’ll reviewing where you are currently,and where you want to be.

Based on the info you give us, we will immediately go to work, and help you develop a 'growth blueprint' specifically for you,nothing generic.

Custom made just for you.

You will be speaking directly with one of our  growth strategists (or in rare occasion,my humble self).

During the session,we will help you get cleared about where your church is headed and how to use the most powerful tool on earth right now to your advantage.

We typically charge $1,000 for this but we're giving it to you for FREE.

We will be showing how to you get atleast 40-500+ first time worshipers to your church/ministry every single sunday,show you how to establish a large chuck of them in your ministry/church,attract more vision helpers to support your calling financially, and many more.

Those are just a tip of the ice berg of what we will be doing together.

Yes, it is God the grows the church but God isn't going to come down from heaven to do it, he uses tools and men.

We've partnered with some of the biggest churches in the world.

From churches with 3,000 branches to churches with 2 branches.

Let us bear all the headaches of growing your ministry, while you focus on what you love most;teaching the people, and making disciples out of them.

After our phone call session together, one of these two things will happen...

1: You'll love the customized growth blueprint that we'll design for you, and would want to go implement it yourself.

Well, if that is your decision, I'd be extremely satisfied that we helped, and we would even ask you to keep in touch and let us know how it is going.

2: You will love the custom growth blueprint that we will design for you, and ask to become a partner so we can help you kick things off.

We will immediately kick things off, and work 'behind the scene' to grow the ministry or church of your dream.

However, i must tell you this in advance...

We have different categories of partnership.

Although they're NOT cheap but it's alot cheaper than building or renting a church auditoriums, by far.

However, this isn't NOT a sales pitch in disguise, and as a matter, we FORBID anything salesy, but...

We believe that you will see alot of value in the customize growth blueprint we will design for you that you will be the one asking to become a partner.

Again, there's no fee whatsoever,and there's 'no catch' whatsoever.

This is STRICTLY for pastors and church leaders who truly want to win souls,willing (ABLE & READY) to invest time and resources, and build the ministry/church of their dream.

If that sounds like you,NOW is the \acceptable' time.

Click the link below.let's have your brief info and we will jump on the growth session together.

The bad new is that, we can only work with a few pastors and ministers of the gospel.

We typically take 6 or 7 churches per quarter, and once those slots are gone, they're gone.

It is best to act now.

Click the link below.